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A businessman and designer duo started Full Sea 6 years back. With a strong belief in common values- Concern for the World around them-the weavers, the sustainability of resources, the craftsmen.

The Man knows about hand silk weaving and the woman, how to turn fabrics into beautiful, sensuous home textiles.

He is 3rd generation of weavers’ family and she is from National Institute of Design- one of the Premier Design Institutes of Asia.

We are a Star Export House with full marks in Social/Security Compliance Audit

The factory respects all the laws of the land with consistent and successful Compliance history. We are not overly ambitious but work to satisfy the inner selves and the selves that work along with us, namely the crafts people, the office people and the facilitator to reach the quality merchandise to the Customer. As one potential senior employee commented “I see people here smiling and working! “. Can you ask for a better compliment?

You can look us up on SEDEX. We participate regularly in the IHGF and Heimtextil, Frankfurt.

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We also display at :

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